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Special Editions

I have gone down the rabbit hole of collecting special editions, and it’s simultaneously the most fun & frustrating thing ever lol! In this blog post, I’ll give you all the tips and tricks + things you need to know + show you what I personally have in my (always growing) collection to get an idea of things that are out there!

First, there are tons of book boxes around right now. I LOVE TO SEE IT. It’s so fun to see books get extra recognition as well as small businesses having success + cover designer's art!!

Deciding what book boxes to get comes down to personal taste. I’ll run through books I have from certain boxes and whatnot to help! Most companies do not show the cover beforehand so it can definitely be a gamble.

The thing about special editions is that they’re usually a ONE-TIME THING. So once the run has been completed, you’re not going to be able to just order it from that company (unless they have extras). Then comes the hunt in resale groups. There are a lot + sites like Mercari. I personally use a Facebook group most of the time. To acquire books, some buy, some sell, and some trade. The trading definitely takes trust, but I’ve always personally had a great experience.

I use THIS Facebook group. *Warning - it’s addicting lol* MAKE SURE YOU READ THE RULES!

I also use this one.

Please note - SOME SPECIAL EDITIONS ARE WORTH A LOT, so don’t come for me when you’re looking for a book and see that it goes for hundreds (some more than others!) For example, there were not many copies printed of Mystic’s Birthday Girl, therefore it is worth a pretty penny (I acquired mine through a trade). This is a whole debate on exclusivity vs. availability blah blah blah but not why we’re here!

Some people collect certain authors no matter what - I certainly do that with Rina Kent. Other times, I want a special edition if I love the book AND love the special edition cover. Sometimes I just want a pretty cover regardless of my feelings toward the book. There are no rules to this game!

Ok, let’s go through the different book boxes I’ve purchased from!


Hello Lovely

Hello Lovely is a personal fav of mine. Their quarterly subscription is definitely my favorite. They’ve featured some of my favorite authors, and they announce who the author is ahead of time so it’s easy to skip or sign up!

They also do a "trope of the month" subscription which has recently been jaw-dropping and highly sought after.


CovertoCover is another box I regularly order from. I’ve gotten to collab with them on Marni Mann books (ugh love her) so that was super fun!! CovertoCover does foil covers in addition to offering paperback or hardback options. They allow you to order all their featured authors, just one, combo, etc! I appreciate that for SURE!!!!

They do a monthly trio of authors + occasional 1x special boxes.

The Last Chapter

TLC does unique types of trope boxes which are super fun! I love to guess what will be included! They typically include 5 books. They’ve also done special runs or a collab in hardcover such as the New Camelot pictured, Still Beating at a book signing, as well as a book club special edition book every month.

I find the trope boxes tricky because I often don’t want all of them and they’re on the spendier side since they include 4-5 books! I’ve gone in with other girls in BST (buy sell trade) groups so we all get the one(s) we want without breaking the bank.

I very much love the quality and price of the special author collabs that I’ve bought!

For the trope boxes, I’m a big weirdo and greatly dislike the 6x9 size of books and that is TLC preference (which is TOTALLY FINE. I’m just one person lol).

Mystic Box

I may have an unpopular opinion on this one so buckle up! I LOVE the covers Mystic has done in the past, but since I’ve secured a subscription - I’ve been disappointed and resold everything I’ve gotten. The ones I have I’ve purchased secondhand. There seems to be a lot of resale of these boxes lately & they haven’t all been coming signed.

Since there are plenty of other subscriptions out there, I’ve reallocated my budget to other boxes.

Their subscription is waitlist only & you’re only allowed to skip like maybe twice? Not sure. It’s a bimonthly sub with two hardcover books + sprayed edges.

Book Baddies

I said it when they announced this and I stand by it - BOOK BADDIES IS THE NEW *IT BOX*.

They are currently a waitlist option only and I highly recommend getting on it.

It’s a monthly subscription with 2 hardcover books. They come with printed/sprayed edges. Foil detailing on the cover, PLUS a reversible dust jacket. Also has a ribbon bookmark. I’m honestly just blown away by the quality of this box and cannot recommend them enough!! Plus I like the size of the hardcovers ;).

I’ve seen teasers of the next box and I’m salivating for its arrival.

Dark & Quirky

I am a ho for DQ & their covers. I think the first ever cover I saw was either Empire of Sin or Hush Hush and I was like THIS IS FOR MEEEEEE.

DQ has lots of options - they are waitlist only now as well. I personally have a DQ subscription. There is also a dark sub as well as fantasy I believe… and a book club!

I’m so impressed by what Giana puts out!! She usually also offers hardcover or paperback options.

HIGHLY recommend.

Canadian Boxes

I love getting to see options all over the world popping up!! I’ve ordered from two different Canadian boxes and have been so impressed with both!!

Dark Desires is very new. They put out Skeletons of Society and gosh I just love this cover!!

I am also SO impressed with Midnight Bookshelf. They have a sort of satin finish for their covers and it’s so luxurious. I have placed another order for a box they’re doing with LJ Shen.

Shipping isn’t super fun but the books are ;).

Australian Boxes

Beyond The Pages puts out some of the most STUNNING covers I’ve ever laid my eyeballs on! They’re foiled, hardcover, and sometimes Charli has color interior. They’re always knockout. She announces at least the title & author beforehand for preordering.

Fabled Co did the Guild Series and I was like GIMMEEEEEE. The edges are printed (I display these spine out!) and the covers are sort of velvety?! and foiled!! I know they have subscription options as well as one-time orders. I’ve only ever done a one-time order.

Again, shipping sucks but what can you do!

Random Acquisitions

Some of my special editions haven’t come from a box necessarily. Some authors put out special editions from time to time like Amo Jones with the Elite Kings Club. Bookaholic has a sometimes box and I love their Vicious cover + have ordered Driven by K. Bromberg!

I’m not sure what box Double Edged was in.

The Words was in Book Baddies before they rebranded and they were formerly Bookish Buys and BullyMe Bookcrate.

Bookworm Box is no longer a subscription but is the only place Colleen Hoover has done special editions for her books

Lastly, I’ve been fortunate enough to get to collaborate with authors & designers to give some of my favorite books special edition covers!!!! These are a few of the ones I’ve done on my own + have more in the works YAY!

Again, there are tons more out there that other people love that are meh for me on personal taste.

Some other boxes out there that I know of are -

  • Dainty

  • LuvBooks

  • PrettyLittleWords (just ordered from them)

  • Celestia

  • Eternal Embers

  • Bookish Box

  • RomanceMe (UK box)

I’m SURE I’m missing some too.

Many people also collect certain authors. I collect Rina Kent, Devney Perry, CE Ricci, and QB Tyler. While I do not have everything from Devney, the hunt is always on hehe! And the hunt is oftentimes half the fun.

A few of my PERSONAL favorite special editions are here!

Your turn! What book boxes are you obsessed with? Share in the comments below


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Apr 05, 2023

I’m currently subscribed to D&Q and just signed up for Mystic and Arcane. So far I’ve been collecting different covers of Tate Jame‘s books. But my unicorn book right now would definitely have to be Mystic’s box Birthday Girl. I would love to have that in my collection.


Apr 05, 2023


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