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If You Liked Book X, Try Book Y

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Not sure where to turn for your next book? Here are some of my favorite pairings to help you choose your next spicy must-read!

Heartless & Ignite

The grumpiest of grumpy dads are right here in these two books! If you’re an audio girly, I HIGHLY recommend these on audio to experience Stephen Dexter. He embodies these single dad’s SO well!

[small town | single dad | nanny | forced proximity | age gap | grumpy sunshine]

[small town | single dad | forced proximity | age gap | grumpy sunshine]

His daughters are so funny. Sometimes kids in books can be too much but they really brought the humor.


Reminders of Him & Wildflowers Duet

Both of these books are emotional and will pull on your heartstrings! In different ways but I feel like the vibes are the same for sure. I super enjoyed both of these (but I LOVE Wildflowers). **Wildflowers has child loss + cancer as triggers**

[small town | grief | ex boyfriend best friend]

[small town | single dad | forced proximity | age gap | grumpy sunshine]


Verity & Deception Trilogy

Psychological thriller? YES PLEASE. Both of these will have you on the edge of your seat (bed? Wherever you read) and the whole time like “WHAT IS GOING ON?” Deception is definitely way spicier than Verity, and Verity is harder to read in spots as a mom… but loved both of these masterpieces.

[thriller | dark]

[dark marriage | mafia | thriller]


The Stopover & The Billionaire

These will always be my go-to rec for anyone trying out romance. I ATE UP The Stopover (and the rest of the series except for Do Over) and rinse + repeat for the Dalton Family with The Billionaire. They can be read in any order and are just ENJOYABLE AF. Spicyyyyy + quick reads!

[chance encounter | one night stand | office | billionaire]

[chance encounter | billionaire]


Royal Elite & Elite Kings Club

I could probably write a thesis on how great these two series are. They’re both dark, possessive boys, gasp moments, HOT spice, and underrated AF! They both continue with diff couples as well which are all phenomenal!

[dark | mystery | anti-hero | bully | childhood trauma]

[dark | mystery | secret society | bully]


Blind Side & Fake It Till You Break It

Fake dating + football player!! I cannot say enough good things about these two books! Blind Side is SUPER popular, so if you liked it, you will also love Fake It - I promiseeeee. Nico & Clay are top-tier book boyfriend material.

[college | sports | fake dating]

[high school | sports | fake dating]


The Frat Boy & Hush Hush

Sex workers = SPICY AF BOOKS YES PLEASEEEEEE. Plan to read these ALONE. The Frat Boy definitely has less plot than Hush Hush (holy twist had my jaw on the FLOOR). But I loved both immensely. Like two of my favorite//super spicy spice books. Group scenes galore!

[enemies to lovers | forced proximity | coworkers | porn industry]

[age gap | escort | forbidden]


Kings of Quarantine & Hannaford Prep & Pacific Prep

WHY DOES A REVERSE HAREM AT A PREP SCHOOL HIT DIFF?! I don’t make the rules (I simply follow them). These are all series (as reverse harems should be), slow burns - but worth it, with STRONG heroines. What I wouldn’t give to experience these for the first time again!

[dark | bully | prep school | reverse harem]

[dark | bully | prep school | reverse harem | gang]

[dark | prep school | reverse harem | mystery]

Happy reading, besties! Which book(s) are you picking up first? Let me know in the comments!


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