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welcome to my blog!

So I feel a little silly writing this & being like HEY I STARTED A BLOG! But here we are!! I wanted a place I could save all the things from fav baby items, meal prep tips, recipes, to hair training tips, and my postpartum journey, all in ONE EASILY SEARCHABLE spot - which instagram is NOT.

I was kicking it around for SO LONG (starting this blog) and I was finally like JUST DO IT! Having a postpartum project is so important for my overall sanity & self care. Plus it gives me something to do in the middle of the night when I desperately need to pump for relief lol!

I really started my facebook page & instagram as a sort of blog and have always treated it that way - taking people on my journey through 2 pregnancies, postpartum, meal prep, teaching, etc! I am basically obsessed with sharing things that I'M loving & doing. Plus I LOVE to write.

I even found myself thinking, ughhhh I wish I would have started this earlier when I was pregnant with Blake, or when I left teaching. But that's not productive to live in the past and all I can do now is FREAKING DO IT!

So I'd love to hear what YOU'D love to hear from me on the blog!

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