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Top 5 Tips for Taking Time for Yourself as a Mom

Being a mom means that once you exit that little human from your body, they hand you said baby, and along with that they might as well have put the world's largest suitcase next to you filled with Mom Guilt.

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You'll carry that little asshole around probably forever (I can only speak for the last 2.5 years - still got that suitcase!)

Taking time for yourself as a mom is something I've heard you "give up". And you just "let yourself go" I'm calling BS.

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Here are my Top 5 Tips to Take Time for YOU

1. MAKE TIME. You will not find time. It will not just happen. You HAVE to make the time. I know it FEELS like we, as moms, need to take care of everyone else - and I believe you! But YOU need to be on that list too. Put it on a calendar, communicate to your spouse, WHATEVER you need to do to MAKE that time.

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2. ASK FOR HELP. If help is offered, ACCEPT IT. There are no awards for the mom who does it all. That mom is sad and tired and a trophy wouldn't make it any better anyways. People won't offer if they don't mean it. And if no one offers, ASK FOR IT. You will be a better mom, wife, friend, etc., if your needs are taken care of too. No one is ever like OMG do you know that one mom, she asks for so much help shame on her! It seriously takes a village.

3. CELEBRATE WINS. Just like ANYTHING in life, there are going to be hard days and great days. When you're in the thick of a hard day or season, it can feel like it's never going to end. Like you're in a deep dark hole.. but it WILL pass. Everything is a phase. Find the joy everyday. End your day telling your SO or write down something that made you happy today. That positivity will spiral - in the best way.

4. FIND A COMMUNITY OR PERSON. Especially if you're a stay at home mom, or on mat leave, it can be isolating to be a mom. The amount of pointless crap I text my mom or BFF about is probably absurd - but it keeps me sane. It makes me feel normal. So do my virtual bootcamps. When I'm feeling super sore from a workout, or a move was especially challenging, it's comforting to share that experience with someone else. Especially when I don't feel normal. This is an abnormal tip to take time for yourself- but finding that person or community to be that "same girl!" goes SO FAR.

5. MAKE IT A HABIT. Whether it's your daily workout, or getting your hair done regularly, or getting a coffee OUT OF THE HOUSE once a week, make YOU TIME a regular thing. It's not one done. Just like brushing your teeth or working out. You can't do crunches one time and have abs. You can't brush your teeth one time and prevent cavities. It needs to be a routine.

[hat | vest | top | leggings | boots | baby hat | baby vest | baby slippers]

And it's obviously easier said than done, but ditch that mom guilt whenever you can. And whatever you do, don't add to someone else's. We're all doing the best we can.

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