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stop shoulding yourself

Seriously say that out loud you'll laugh LOL. But thank you to Halo Top for including me in this campaign. It's something that is so near to my heart, especially as a mom. I encourage everyone to stop shoulding themselves in an area of their life they find that they are feeling this way. We only get one life to live so I challenge you to #stopshouldingyourself

When I had my first son, and even when I was pregnant, I found myself feeling like I SHOULD feel/act some type of way and when I didn't feel that way, I felt BAD. Example - I did NOT enjoy that pregnancy all that much. I was super uncomfortable, I struggled with how my body changed, he was a kicker so he dislocated my ribs pretty often, and I just didn't love it. But I felt like I SHOULD. People told me I SHOULD. That left me feeling like a crappy mom and I didn't even have him yet!

Fast forward to when I had him, I felt like I SHOULD be able to do everything on my own. That society had made that clear to me. You're not the best mom if you can't do it all. And you know who lost in that scenario? Me who was exhausted, my mom who wanted to help, my son, my husband when I'd lose my patience.

One more motherhood example. When I had my daughter, I felt like I SHOULD breastfeed for a year like I did for my first kid. When I didn't have the time, energy, etc necessary to fuel my body to breastfeed, I started to feel more anxious about it, spent less time with my toddler so I could pump and eat and all the things. All because I felt like I SHOULD.

When I let those feelings of shoulding GO, I wish you could FEEL the weight that was lifted off of me. It was so freeing. I was then able to just be ME and be the best mom I could be without worrying about what I SHOULD be doing or feeling yano???

I extend the same action of stop shoulding yourself into your fitness routine. I don't feel like I SHOULD love running just because other people do. I hate it! It's not enjoyable to me at all so I don't do it. I find something else that makes me feel good.

I encourage you to stop shoulding yourself. Find an area of your life where you feel that guilt weighing you down. Let those feelings go! And in case you need to hear it today, you are doing an AMAZING job. Keep. It. Up. And don’t worry about what you SHOULD be feeling or doing.

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