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sleep training Miss Blake & her current schedule

I went about things with my kids very differently (for the most part) because, well, they're SUPER different.

A little back story, when I had Leo, sleep was not a thing for a LONG TIME since he had colic. I commiserated with a lot of moms on this front! A sleep consulting company found my page, and did some fun things helping moms with their sleep questions. It was super fun and something my followers looked forward to (we did it regularly!).

Fast forward to this summer, Kelley, one of the consultants, reached out to me to do a little fun collab and actually go through a sleep training course with her and be able to share that with my followers.

What's really cool about what Kelley does, is that there are many different avenues, and ways to train based on the kiddo's personality, how old they are, etc. SO MANY FACTORS. And I loved that Blake had her OWN sleep plan instead of one size fits all principles.

So at about 4 weeks, we started! What this entails is, as mentioned above, a specific sleep plan for Ms. Blake, weekly calls with my consultant, weekly goals, weekly action steps, as well as an end goal. For me, the goal for Ms. Blake was to put herself to sleep consistently (no assistance) and to sleep through the night with no more than 1 wakeup. All by 12 weeks.

However, I think we can all agree that the newborn stage goes by SO FAST. So I didn't give up all snuggles or rocking, instead I got to REALLY enjoy those times while implementing good sleep habits for her early on.

At 10 weeks old, I am so proud to say that Ms. Blake reached her goals and it's been soooo manageable!

If you are struggling with sleep training, I highly recommend reaching out to Kelley! She's amazing at what she does & her email is kelley@sleepwiseconsulting.com you can also follow her on instagram @bloomingtots

A few principles that Kelley taught me that were unbelievably simple to follow & implement that were game changers for setting expectations + routine with a newborn are as follows ::

Routine::Eat, Play, Sleep, Repeat

To me this was so backwards! Don't they need to have the fullest belly so they can sleep as long as possible?! But this teaches them to not be dependent on food to GO to sleep. That they WILL be fed when they wake up so it's not so scary! I also don't feed IMMEDIATELY after she wakes up so she can learn how to go back to sleep without eating when she's tired not hungry.


This varies day to day as far as times and duration of each nap. But, we follow the routine above and I wake her if I need to during the day to eat every 2-3.5 hours so she's getting enough calories during the day to encourage sleeping a LONGGGG TIME at night.

I start her day between 8-8:30 and we start bedtime routine at 7:15 so she's in bed no later than 8pm.


At nap time & bedtime, she follows a routine to tell her cute little brain to get ready for sleep. It's super predictable for her. Her's starts with a big ole pumped bottle of milk so I KNOW she's FULL to go to sleep. She does bottle, bath, swaddle, book, bed with some little things in between like lotion, sound machine on, etc.

It's soooo nice to have someone to talk to about something that can make or break your quality of life as a new mom.

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