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my tanning routine that I LOVE!

I don't know what it is about tanning, but man it can take you to meh to OH YEAH lol.

I remember back in highschool/college when tanning booths were SO POPULAR and obviously we know now they're SO bad for you, plus WHO HAS TIME FOR THAT.

But like I said, a little tan goes a long way for me! But I don't want it to be this big production you know? #busymama

I follow these simple THREE steps here below!


you want to work from a smooth surface so that your tan isn't getting wasted on your hair yano lol.

I SWEAR BY the billie razor. Like I'm serious the hype is real.

It's affordable, the closest shave I've ever had, no cuts, I could go on and on.

I used to buy men's razors because they were so much cheaper and got a way closer shave, but I would literally cut myself upwards of 5x per shave. #cute

This razor is encased with aloe and charcoal so you get that super close shave but with protection and moisturizing qualities so it's GREAT for sensitive skin and no cuts.

The whole system is $9. You get the handle, 2 blades, a holder for your shower (which is AMAZING). When you need refill blades, you get FOUR for $9. and it ships to your house. Linked HERE.

But I digress, you can use whatever razor you want lol it's still step one.


You want to get off all of the previous tan, dead skin, etc so that your tan applies evenly and doesn't get patchy over dead skin. It'll make your skin so soft too!

Any exfoliator will work! I don't even love what I have right now to even link it lol. I think my favorite one I've used is from raw sugar and you can pick that up at target, walgreens, lots of places! I've linked it HERE.


I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this tanning lotion. It comes out colorless (looks like a typical lotion) and is so hydrating but gives you a tan. You don't need to use a mitt or anything, just rub it in like lotion! It's buildable so you can add to it to deepen your tan if you want to. I usually apply every 3-4 days. I think the color is STUNNING.

It is so natural looking and isn't drying, streaky, doesn't transfer to my white sheets, I absolutely LOVE IT.

This an be used on your face too (at least I have!)

I wish you could smell it.

Another option is what I use for my face typically, can also be added to any lotion to create a tanning lotion. THESE DROPS are meant to be mixed in with a moisturizer and then applied. So I do the same steps. For my face, I drop 2-3 drops every few days into my night serum (code FTR will save) and rub all over my face and down my neck. Do your upper lip last otherwise it'll be real dark LOL.

[drops | night serum]

You can do this with your body lotion as well. Just drop 2-3 drops into your lotion, mix it up, and rub it in!

You definitely don't need both the lotion & the drops. You can do one or the other. I just am a product junkie and love trying different things! You can't go wrong with either! They're about the same price and both last a LONG time. I've had both since 4+ months and still am kicking with the same purchase!

After you use any tanning products, make sure you wash your hands thoroughly otherwise they will stain!

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