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my guilty pleasure- all about using an ereader

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

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I've always been an avid reader, ever since I was a little girl. I've read the Harry Potter series more times than I care to admit, was an invested Twilight fan, Sarah Dessen love stories with a twinge of darkness were my JAM. I could go on and on... anyone else read the whole Gossip Girl series, the Clique books... I legit have them all upstairs in our guestroom closet... saved for Blake??

One of my college friends started becoming my personal book recommender (is that even a word???). We like all the same books. If she like it, I knew I would. I found that I am the strangest reader. I like reading raunchy romance novels, and I like Sci-Fi. If they are combined, even better LOL. Gosh I wish I could remember some of the titles.. I remember what they're about and it sounds SO DUMB lol. Like boy who transforms into a tiger, or boy is actually an alien lol like what the actual eff.

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As far as raunchy romance novels go, I think 50 Shades started it... and I'll never forget when my dad asked what I was reading LOL #AWKWARD. I can definitely do without the BDSM but I am here for the *ahem* details.

At some point in college, I got a nook - Barnes & Nobles ereader. I did NOT think I would like an ereader because I was always like "meh I like holding the book." I actually don't remember why I ended up getting it... I think maybe because I figured out how to get library books digitally and it was going to save me money (ya'll know I love a deal!). I got the one that LOOKS LIKE PAPER. It had a backlight, I loved it to death. Literally. It was like the first ereader of all time and eventually broke lol.

In my adulthood, I set down the books and focused on other parts of my life but... I've always gone back to reading because it's legit GOOD FOR THE SOUL - definitely have read my fair share of Chicken Soup books too lol.

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When I was pregnant with Leo, my mother in law got me a Kindle Fire which is like a tablet. It has the traditional blue light and does not look like paper. Eventually, I started just reading on the tablet because with it being a kindle, Amazon made it SO MUCH EASIER. Amazon KILLS the convenience game.

When I was pregnant with Blake, my biggest craving was reading! I ended up getting Kindle Unlimited because I was cruising through, I kid you not, 10-12 books a month.

Kindle Unlimited is $10 a month (first 30 days free) and has a PLETHORA of books. There are other membership options like 6 months, yearly, etc. MANY Audible books as well if that's your jam. Anyone on your account can use it. So, Scott uses it as well, but it is like Netflix and it recommends reads to you based on your picks and since I cruise through books a lot faster than Scottie, it recommends a lot of romance novels to Scott LOL. He sent me a screenshot of our library the other day and it was like all covers with guys with their shirts off... I mean I personally didn't see the issue ;)

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Not all books are included with Kindle Unlimited. What the unlimited means is you can read as many as you want in there at a flat rate cost. You can have up to 10 borrowed at one time. If you go to download an 11th, it'll just prompt you to return one. It's INCREDIBLY easy to use.

HERE is my list of books that I've read, could remember the titles, and would recommend! MOST of them (not all) ARE included in Kindle Unlimited which is nice if you have that membership!

I tend to read at night after I put Blake down, and Leo watches a show with me in my bed. And then I keep reading way too late lol. It's a problem. When I was using the Kindle Fire, the blue light was making it so hard for my eyes to turn off and go to sleep and my sleep was crappy. Scott ended up getting a paperwhite & he encouraged me to get one too. It's been a game changer! The Kindle Paperwhite also comes with 3 months of Kindle Unlimited so it's essentially $30 off to me! The paperwhite is just like my nook was (RIP) and it looks just like paper. It's wild! So it doesn't keep me up at night but the light lets me read in the dark!

Another cool thing about ebooks, is that they're WAY cheaper than buying the physical book usually! Example, the Driven Series is not on Kindle Unlimited. So book one is $14.99 in paperback vs $3.99 on the Kindle.

You also do NOT have to have a Kindle to use Kindle books. Like you can download the Kindle App on any device like your phone, iPad, etc. But again, the paperwhite is epic to get your eyes off of blue light. For someone like me who works with technology all day, and reads at night, having that break is crucial for my eyeballs!

OH, one more tip that a follower gave me was to put a popsocket on the back of your ereader. SO MUCH EASIER TO HOLD. It's a game changer!

One more thing (for real) is that I love the little function on it where it tells you how many minutes left in the chapter, or the page number, or how long until the end of the book. It learns your own reading speed which I ADORE. And the battery lasts a stupid long time!!

Reading has always been my THING. I would sit and read all day if I could. I have done it before (before I had little humans to take care of lol) and it brings me so much JOY. Except for when the book ends... I get book hangovers like you wouldn't BELIEVE. But you know what they say about hangovers, the only way to cure one is to keep drinking... same with books ;)

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