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My 5 Tips on How to Survive & Enjoy the Holidays

OMG I can't believe this will be our first holiday season as a family of 4 (humans)!! Some days I'm like HOLY HELL I can't believe Blake is already 12 weeks old! and other days I'm like.. I can't remember life without you! And don't get me started on how fun the holidays are going to be with Leo and his personality!

'Tis the season of all the GOOD EATS!! So many times I hear that people "can't" start a fitness routine because they want to enjoy the holidays. AND YOU SHOULD!!! I know I will! But there is a way to do it without feeling like shit for the next 3 months. But also a way to not deprive yourself of the things you make.

I know often times we get to have things we get ONCE A YEAR! Like maybe your grandma makes the the best apple pie! You can and SHOULD have a piece but you don't need to have the whole pie lol.

It's basically all about balance!

1. Balance your fun drinks.

In between having a glass of whatever, have a glass or bottle of water. It'll help you stay hydrated, prevent a potential hangover lol, and keep you full & alert! My drink of choice is a Sam Adams beer and I'll definitely be having one! But also staying hydrated! Especially for breastfeeding!

2. Position yourself.

Don't park yourself right by the dessert table! Like I said, enjoy yourself, but you don't need to have EVERY dessert. Moderation!

3. Keep portions in mind.

Choose a smaller plate that will fill up faster. Often our eyes are hungrier than our stomach ;) Nothing wrong with seconds but eat more nutrient dense foods first!

4. Don't skip your workout!

Starting your day 30 min earlier will jump start your metabolism and you'll FEEL BETTER ALREADY! I PROMISE. No one regrets a workout!

5. Bring your own dish to pass

Bringing something that is more on the healthy side gives EVERYONE the option to put better fuel into their body AND ENJOY the holiday!

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