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leadership retreat in scottsdale!

I'm unbelievably motivated by actual THINGS. I'll do some sketchy things for a free tank top (kidding - kinda lol) let alone a free TRIP. Last year was the first year I earned this leadership retreat. It's with the tippy top of Beachbody & I ASPIRED to be included in that group. And I was freaking PUMPED to get to go to Vegas last year (I'd never been!) and bring Scottie.

This is my first full year being celebrated as an Elite coach, so I get to go a day early, get my stay fully covered, plus travel cash! AND THE BEST PART - room drops with presents every night!

Back track, I love this job. I would do it for free. But getting paid & PRESENTS is icing on the cake ;) and obviously lets me be home with my kids - the paychecks more so than the presents ;)

This is not a trip to include kids on. It's a conference, aka work, for me! So we decided to not bring Leo obviously and that Scottie would stay back with him. My parents LOVE to travel & I knew I'd need help with Blake (she needs my boobs lol) so it's super super super special to me to get to treat my parents to a trip. They do SO MUCH for me & obvi I love them.

I also love a reason to doll myself up and wear something other than jeans or athletic wear. Although there's some of that as well ;)

As an elite coach, as mentioned above, each night we got room drops with a surprise! I’ll list it in each day!

Day 1

We checked into the Fairmont Princess in Scottsdale and I instantly felt like I was on a vacation vs a work trip. It. Is. Gorgeous. Cactus & mountains are everywhere! The heat is so different than my WET HUMID heat in Michigan.

I went soooo outside my comfort zone & wore a snakeskin print dress (linked HERE) & the cutest booties, ever that I found on amazon for TWENTY BUCKS! I got to see a bunch of my peers aka friends and the open bar and delicious Mexican food they fed us wasn't so bad either ;)

I wasn't bummed that the party ended at 9 because #grandmastatus so I pumped and slept in the COMFIEST BED EVER. After the 3 hour time change, a shitty night of sleep the night prior, and traveling, Blake was up I think 3 times that first night and then only once the following nights! Woot!!

Tonights room drop was a scrapbook of our annual event where the whole network can attend! Super cute to look back on!

Linking everything I wore for travel & for the opening party!

Day 2

We kicked off with a workout just for Elite coaches and lemme tell you about this playlist okurrr. Just got it in my inbox from Joel himself! Since I haven't been officially cleared to workout, I was there for the high vibes ;)

workout outfit deets!

Post workout, they fed us a super healthy breakfast complete with our superfoods shake & then we got ready for an Elite Mastermind. We got to learn from an absolutely amazinggggg speaker. I learned sooooo much.

As we left, we got to try a new product launching in December, vegan protein bars! Since they have nuts, I didn't have it (allergic) but mom & dad liked it!!

We had the afternoon for R&R so in between pumping, I was poolside hanging with some friends and we snapped a few pics!

Later that evening, I wore my FAVORITE outfit of the trip for our opening partaaay! This is the point in the trip that other attendees come that aren't Elite coaches, so the conference grows! My friend Ashley & I wore a similar hat and we were the only ones wearing hats at the party so we stood out a little bit LOL. Again, we ate well & had an open bar!

outfit deets here

While I pumped, I opened my next present which was a GORGEOUS athleta cardigan that is basically the softest, stretchiest, comfiest material ever. It says leadership2019 on the sleeve.

Day 3

I love that we ALWAYS start our days with workouts. It's the heart and soul of our business and I never tire of that. Today was the first sneak peek into our newest program that will be launching in December - BARRE!

I was there for the high vibes again but WOAH. It was incredible. High intensity but low impact. The trainer, Elise, is super into emotional growth during a workout too so that was cool to experience.

workout outfit deets

I went up to see what was for breakfast before my workout & was super surprised to find out we got to try the seasonal flavor of shakeology launching in a few days that NO ONE has tried. Peppermint mocha. I can’t even begin to explain how good it is. it will for SURE sell out so if you want in, fill out THIS pre order form!

Post breakfast & superfoods, we had our next session. We got to be the first to hear about tons of new releases coming in the next few months. This includes a prep program for our hardest program in our library, barre blend which I previewed live, and a BOXING PROGRAM! Ahh I’m too excited.

We heard presentations from our peers teaching us how to evolve our business.

After they fed us lunch, the rest of the day was ours so we took Blake to the pool for a bit! Then we hit the mall for some shopping.

During the afternoon, we had our “do not disturb“ on so I missed the room drop LOL but picked it up from guest services. SO CUTE. The bag was a pillow case with JAMMIES INSIDE. #hereforit

Day 4

I skipped watching the live workout this day in order to pump & pack. I decided to leave the event slightly early so we weren’t traveling for an entire day on Sunday.

After breakfast & superfoods, we had an amazing session once again. We heard from corporate & our peers and had an epic keynote Speaker, Dan Thurmon, who performed while presenting with juggling, acrobatics, and taught me so much about going after goals.

I left early from the last session & closing party, which honestly was SO HARD for this girl. I suffer from FOMO regularly!!

But I was happy to see my family at home! This is my FAVORITE trip I go on. I’m eager to grow myself as a leader & see where the next year takes me & my team!

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