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how I became an influencer + Q&A

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I've been on social media in some capacity for about 5.5 years. I started off as a beachbody coach, as I've mentioned I was HEAVY into working out and it fit my passions.

During my time on social media, I found myself wanting to cover things besides health + fitness. Looking back, I basically talked about whatever I was passionate about at that time. For a period, that was my postpartum anxiety. Or a pregnancy. Or books. Or a hair product I was obsessed with.

There wasn't a defining point where I was like "I am now an influencer." I sort of grew into it I guess? Or maybe it starts the second you decide you want to be? There's no right or wrong here!

This is a pretty NEW job in society so it's absolutely never too late to get started doing something like this.

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Things I did that helped me grow into this roll.

#1 and this is easily the most important. I was GENUINE AF. If I don't like a product, I mean I'm not ruthless by any means I'm just honest about what I didn't like and why. So that when I recommend a product, it's ALSO GENUINE.

#2 share the things you're using and buying. 90% (I made up that percentage) of the content I share on my social media are things I purchase. and no you don't have to be buying things to be an influencer. Look around your house, what do you LOVE using? It doesn't have to be earth shattering by any means. and when you share, I cannot emphasis this enough, tag the brand! Show them you are using and loving their products. A LOT of my collabs or PR that I receive comes from brands that have seen me share their stuff on repeat.

#3 apply to affiliate programs. Some brands have their own affiliate programs, ie. amazon, pinklily, tula, fre (to name a few I'm apart of) but the biggest one I use is through reward style (liketoknow.it). To be honest, I'm not sure of the requirements to get into affiliate programs are, I'm sure they vary! Some took me years to get accepted into.

Again, not everything I share/link on my social media even has an affiliate component! Back to #1, if I'm authentically sharing, brand deals/collabs/sponsored content could come out of it.

#4 be consistent on social media. brands want to see a consistent theme throughout your social media with a good engagement rate. a good aesthetic on your feed, consistently posting, having stories, it's all important. And it takes work! I think being an influencer has a stigma that it's all super easy. It's NOT. It's really time consuming to create content! So be consistent when you take it on!

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Common Questions I received on my social media!

Q : How much are commissions through affiliate links?

A: This varies brand to brand! A ROUGH range is 5-25% again just depending on the brand.

Q: Do you make $ off discount codes?

A: Sometimes! But typically no. They're used by the brand to track sales (to see how your audience likes a given product/overall brand).

Q: How do you explain your job?

A: I'm still figuring this one out LOL. I used to say I'm self employed but too open ended lol. I now just say I'm in social media marketing because it's general that people won't ask a million questions and they also aren't like Oh YoUr a BlOgGeR how do you make money? When we applied for our construction loan, the guy at the bank asked me just a ridiculous amount of questions (being nosy not for $ purposes).

Q: Do you get to keep everything?

A: Yes I do! With the exception of one time pinklily sent a big box of clothes to just try on, create any sort of content I wanted to with. But other than that, it's considered marketing for brands so yes.

Q: do you supplement your income enough to have a shopping habit? A: at first when I started this it was honestly just so I could have extra spending money!! Now I put a % back into "creating content" whatever that may look like. I know that's vague.

Q: How do you land collabs? A: it's a mixture! I do have a brand manager who reaches out to brands on my behalf and manages campaigns for me (there's a lot more to it than just showing a product). She is the LITERAL BEST. I also will DM brands on insta I'm interested in working with, sometimes they reach out to me either insta or email. I always make sure it's a good fit. I won't do just any collab to make a buck. Example, while women's sexual health is IMPORTANTEEEE, it's not my niche so I passed on a *ahem* toys campaign.

Q: Has your follower gain been organic & how important is follower #'s to land collabs?

A: There used to be like "services" to grow your following on instagram and now that's a solid NO. It's not advised to do giveaway loops anymore (I've done them before) because both of those methods are not going to get you authentic followers, which at the end of the day, is what you (and brands) want to see.

So all of my growth in the past year has been organic. Reels are super popular right now and will hit right with the algorithm. Also I convert a lot from tiktok.

Another way to grow is getting reposted by brands, through stories and posts. Obviously uncontrollable but fantastic when that happens.

Brands don't really care about your follower count as much as -

-will the brand fit your NICHE. example, I would LOVE to work with tarte. And maybe one day I will. But for now they're not super interested because I'm not a beauty page yano? I do mostly lifestyle products, a little fashion, that sort of thing!

-your engagement. It means very little to a brand if you have 100k followers and 200 story views or 300 likes per photo. They want to see that your audience likes the content you're creating, because again, this is marketing for the brand.

Q: fav influencers to follow?

A: @ashdonielle @heynasreen @kaitcurnow @neverbeenso

Q: What do you do with all of the clothes/products you get sent?

A: I'm a product junkie so I do use/try majority of that stuff but I have a teenage niece who currently wears my size so she inherits a lot of my clothes! As do my friends who wear the same size as me ;)

Q: How/who do you say yes to for collabs?

A: I pick brands to collab with that align with things I value on my page! Like I love showing different skincare brands because skincare is so variable, baby development things, household items, things like that! If it's super random or just not my niche, or I have a like "holy grail" item already then I say pass! See example above ;)

Q: How do you pick winners for giveaways? How do others do it? A: I have no idea how other people do it but for me, it's totally at random. That winner will get selected and then I make sure they met the requirements for said giveaway and if they don't meet them, I will repeat until I find someone who does! There's no favored treatment one way or the other. It's completely random.

Q: How do you deal with privacy?

A: You get to choose what your page consists of. It's possible that I could stop showing my kids at some point, but for now they're a big part of my content! Extended family is off limits I never talk about personal stuff or show them on my social media without their consent. Again, personal choice!

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