• rachel baldwin

hospital bag

I had no idea what to pack/not to pack when I had Leo. I didn't even have outfits for him. So I learned this time! and I think I did pretty damn well! Biggest tip - don't bring diapers! The hospital will have them (and bring home whatever is left in your room!)

I brought::

a robe

nursing bras

compression socks or slippers

blanket from cozys (code : BLAKE15)

toiletry bag (chapstick, face wash, toothbrush, hair ties, moisturizer)


phone battery pack (my outlet was SO FAR away from the bed & it's boring there)

for Blake::

swaddles from cozys + spearmint baby

going home outfit (I swaddled her most of the time)



I was super thankful to spend only ONE NIGHT even with a csection. There is just no place like home. And if there was the hospital would not be on that list!

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