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home delivery services reviews!

Important back story- I am an absolutely terrible cook. I just am I can't help it lol. You know those things you get good at after lots of practice? Yeah this isn't one of those things for me.

And bless Scott's heart, he complains minimally - no one is a saint haha! I've thrown away more dinners than I care to admit. And it's F R U S T R A T I N G.

Because of this, we get take out... often. Or we did anyways. Once I discovered home delivery meal services, not to be cheesy, but it changed everything!

They're like "Rachel Proof". The gist of all of them is that they send you the ingredients in a bag, with a card with step by step instructions. They ALWAYS turn out.

However there are about 45 different meal delivery services out there - so how do you know what to try?! Hopefully this blog post can help! I'm going to be sharing my opinion of the pros, cons, Scott & I's opinion and we'll rate OUR favorites. But again everyone has different preferences!

The meals come shipped right to your door. So all you have to do is grab the bag, recipe card, and get to work. Minimal prep is required as all the ingredients are right there. (usually some product prep).

A great thing is that when you start one of them, they USUALLY have an awesome deal for your first few deliveries. From what I've tried, they're easy to skip weeks and even cancel subscriptions.

pro tip :: use the bag that it all comes in as your trash bag. When you're making a meal, dump everything out on the counter, and then use it as your disposal bag. Boom super easy clean up!

I'll include COUPON CODES & links for you to try out any that call out to you!

HOME CHEF :: this is my absolute favorite I've tried thus far. this is neither a pro or con just something to note is the recipes seem "fancier" to me. Like not things we'd have available at restaurants (which I like!) but it's hard to know if you're going to like it taste wise. But I've never been disappointed.


-The meals are absolutely amazing. Even the "expert" level ones are easy to follow.

-When you select meals online, it's incredibly simple to apply dietary restrictions.

-The recipe cards can be easily accessed online and the hard copies come with a binder for you to store.

-The customer service is absolutely fantastic. I've used this specific company for a long time and have had an ingredient or two missing over time (not a big deal) and they respond to emails SO quickly & are so positive and helpful.

-quality of meat is outstanding

-you can sub out meat preferences from what the "default" is on the recipe

-very large veggie servings

-express (15 min) options

-oven ready options (no prep involved)


-the meals do not repeat on the site very often. so if you find one you love, you'd have to recreate it yourself.

SIGN UP HERE + use code GET100

overall rating - 10/10

HELLO FRESH :: this is one of the top rated home delivery services.

*this can either be a pro or a con - the meals recirculate often. So if you like a meal, you can pick it again fairly soon! However, that means the selection is lesser.


-rated #1

-easy to follow recipes


-meat quality is average in my opinion

-majority are high in carbs vs veggie options

-not a lot of options for TYPES/dietary restrictions of meals besides vegetarian

SIGN UP HERE (will prompt you to access code)

overall rating - 6/10

GREEN CHEF :: I didn't use this as long as HelloFresh or HomeChef so I can't speak to longevity but from what I saw, it's extremely similar to HelloFresh. The packaging of meats and products looks identical.


-LOTS of dietary/lifestyle options to apply - keto, paleo, vegan, balanced, etc!


-average meat quality

-recipes felt hard to follow for me

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overall rating - 7/10

reviews to come-





I have used Blue Apron in the past. Like WAY past - like over 5 years ago. When I did use it, (I will review again!) the ingredients did NOT come sorted. They came in a giant free for all. So that was time consuming to match them to the recipe you were using. However, I remember the recipes being KNOCKOUT.


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