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A little back story, after I had Leo, my hair transformed into a HOT MESS. The breakage & damage was REAL. So I started cutting it. And then that was getting damaged and broken. So I got tape in extensions. Then that destroyed my hair. Repeat. For YEARS. Like look at this picture, you can SEE the breakage and I did not create this hairstyle. It created itself. I was also destroying my hair while I worked full time. I showered & styled DAILY. SO much heat was put on my hair and it trashed it.

So 2 things happened. I got a nicer type of extension AND I started hair training. (My extensions are hand tied and do not damage my hair at all. Their tied to little beads).

Hair training is just like any other type of training in life - you gotta C O M M I T. There are good days and bad (greasy) days lol but it gets better!!

You first want to identify how often you're washing your hair and how many days you'd like to go in between.

FULL DISCLAIMER lol I shower DAILY I just do not wash my hair more than once every 5 days. I've gone as long as 12 and my hair has never been healthier!! But my hubs thinks this is so disgusting lol but it's not.

So you definitely can't just jump to your new goal. You and the people around you will be traumatized lol. You first are going to extend the life of your hair by one day. And do this for about 1-2 weeks. Then go another day. Repeat.

There are some things & products you need in your bathroom to really truly commit to the hair training process!

The Items

First, you need a brush that you can brush your scalp with. THIS is what I use and I 10/10 recommend. (I'll get to the process in a minute!) THIS is the regular brush I use as well.

You'll also want a shower cap. They're an incredibly sexy part of the hair training process. OBVIOUSLY. THIS is the one I use. The shower cap is important to lock out all moisture and humidity while you continue to bathe daily lol. It'll keep your hair from getting bleh.

And lastly, you'll want a killer dry shampoo. I'm a sucker for Amika's dry shampoo, but I also love Dove's which is much more affordable!

The Process

1. You'll have a hair wash day. Shampoo and super scrub your scalp and condition your ends thoroughly. This is day 1 of your hair. On day 1, you will completely wash and at MINIMUM blow dry your roots to give it volume, lift off your scalp, etc. I SWEAR by this volumizer dryer HERE. It's like getting a blowout at home!

2. In the evening, you will NOT apply dry shampoo, but you will brush your scalp with THIS brush. Those boar bristles will open up your "hair pores" and let them breathe.

3. Then you will brush your hair from bottom to top with your regular brush.

4. I wear my hair up just so it doesn't get sweaty (postpartum life) and can maintain my curls. I use THESE hair ties and LOVE them.

5. The next day, brush your hair when you wake up, style as desired.

6. That evening, you will probably want dry shampoo. Spray only on your hair line and root area that needs attention. Dry shampoo gets applied at NIGHT then scalp brushing!

7. Then repeat brushing your scalp, and brushing your hair with your two different brushes.

8. Repeat throughout hair cycle.

But What If...

Workouts - If you are active & are working out (like me) then your hair probably gets a little sweaty! Upon finishing your workout, take your hair out of your pony tail, headband out, and shake it out! HAIR OFF SCALP. Then (this sounds gross I know), after you shower and what not, flip your hair upside down and blow dry your roots.

Dry ends - my ends definitely start to need some love throughout my hair cyles. I use THIS oil and spray it in them to give them a "drink" and keep them hydrated! And make sure you're always using a heat shield before putting a hot tool on your hair. THIS is what I use along with a leave in conditioner linked HERE post shower to control frizz, prevent breakage, etc.

Styling products - I don't put much into my hair product wise aside from dry shampoo. I don't use hair spray and only occasionally use texturizing spray. The less product you use, the longer you'll be able to make your hair last!

Styling tools - straightener, blow dryer, curling iron, and wand.

Greasy hair - You WILL have a struggle day. For me, that's always day 3 or 4. I feel the urge to wash it, it feels a little greasier up top. DON'T DO IT! Get over that hump!! Tease it, wear a hat, wear it up, FIGHT THROUGH IT! It'll be smooth sailing after that!

Phew, I think that about covers it! Again, hair training takes time & commitment BUT think of all the minutes you'll save not doing your hair everyday! Ahh glorious!! Leave any questions in the comments! I'm noooo hair expert but this has worked WONDERS for me!

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