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Blake's Baby Food

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

So for Leo, I made all his baby food from scratch. With Blake... I now have a toddler & baby, my business is much larger than it was, blah blah blah, I do make some, but I don't have the time (or choose to use it in other ways) to make all her baby food.

I do a hybrid lol. I do buy some from the store (I like the beechnut organics to get a blend of different foods), I make her yogurt that she has daily from scratch, and then we order Yumi as well. I have tried other baby food services and Yumi seems to be Blake's favorite.

They have the cutest little names for all the foods like baby ratatouille, chia pudding, and the ingredients are things I'd never be able to make at home yano? Like I don't typically have Japenese sweet potato on hand lol.

It gets delivered which means it's one less thing for me to forget at the store, organic, super easy!! If you wanna try it out - CLICK HERE to get 5 free jars!

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