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baby must haves

It's overwhelming (and I hate that word!) to be a mom. The amount of baby ish out there is like.. WOAH. Who has time to read all of these reviews and compare brands. Like one's head might explode!! In reality, babies need very few things, but listennnn there are things that make it so much easier on US MOMS. Here are my fav items that I've used between the two kids.

#1 silicone pump

I randomly saw someone talk about this in one of my mom's groups (which just beware of those in general) and looked it up on amazon, saw that it was under $15 and ordered it. I had no idea how to use it, what it really did, but hey that mom loved it and my baby cried ALL THE TIME (Leo). I got it, I had to literally youtube how to use it and saw some random chick's boobs LOL but I was like NO WAY this thing can just catch & collect milk that you'd otherwise waste. But my freezer stash begs to differ ;) It just goes onto the opposite boob (the one you aren't nursing on) and it will collect milk. It's literally that easy.

#2 swaddle

Most babies actually don't love to be swaddled arms down, and it's really hard to do a good traditional swaddle that they can't wrestle out of, but babies are born with an active Moro Reflex which makes them feel like they're falling. Swaddled babies, don't feel this as much which obviously makes them less scared to lay down. For both babies, I've always used the Love to Dream Swaddle Up. It's freaking SO CUTE & allows their arms to be up a little. They wash great and are stretchy! THIS 2nd phase one has arms that can be removed for transitioning to a sleep sack with arms completely out!

#3 sound machine

This one is crazy. There are SO MANY SOUND MACHINES. I literally just picked one for Leo & it gets the job done but the one I got for Blake, I LOVE! And actually so does Leo, he took it lol! THIS is the one we have.

I also got a travel sound machine for when she falls asleep in the carseat, stroller, and really I use it throughout the house. She loves it!! THIS is the one we got!

#4 swing

Both of my kids have loved the swing. It was a LIFESAVER with Leo's colic, and Blake loves a nap in there as well as hanging out! I love THIS swing because it's pretty portable. I mean I wouldn't bring it in the car for a trip or anything but it's easy to move around the house! It plays music and has 6 speeds.

#5 diaper bag

I know this seems obvious, OF COURSE you need a diaper bag! But again, SO MANY! I personally prefer a diaper bag so I can have my hands full of other mom crap lol. I have THIS one for travel with both kids. It is BIG. But it comes with ALL the bells and whistles and then some! It's too big for me for day to day use so I got myself a gorgeous LuliBebe diaper bag.

What I love about my lulibebe, besides it being gorgeous, is that it can actually be a backpack OR a shoulder bag!! The quilted detail is so pretty & the hardware is quality and doesn't catch. It also comes with stroller straps and I could go on and on about their packaging. (you can get it HERE or get it on their website and use code FTR to save 25%)

#6 wrap

It's really nice to have a wrap and babywear, especially if you have other kids, or need to make dinner or just live your life! Both of my kids have loved being worn, they love the closeness! I've tried quiet a few wraps and I LOVE my solly wrap. THIS wrap does have a lot of fabric and I youtubed how to use it and practiced a few times, but it's SO SOFT & comfy. It doesn't feel restricting whatsoever and Blake has LOVED it. It stores within itself too which is nice! What I like the most too is that the fabric is stretchy & it HOLDS it's stretch. Other wraps I've used need to be washed after every use because they lose their stretch.

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