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amazon dupe leggings

I'm a huge Lululemon lover. That is no secret. And I do believe in investing in things you're going to use/wear all the time. We all have splurge worth items right?! So I couldn't believe how GOOD these incredibly affordable leggings were!

Like seriously you can't even tell which pair are from Amazon, and which are Lululemon. And dare I say... I like the fabric of the Amazon ones better! And they're under $30

[amazon leggings | top | jacket]

To complete this Lululemon Lookalike outfit, I even found a dupe to their signature Define Jacket. And again, I 100% prefer the $40 amazon jacket to the $100+ Lulu. The stiching is super similar & it totally fooled Scottie who definitely (unfortunately for me lol) notices when I get new things and knows his brands!

Amazon is where it's at these days I swear! Another thing I love about all of them is that they're high-waisted, suck you in, STAY UP during a workout, and are that sweat wicking fabric. Ahh so good! They run true to size.

[left | middle | right]

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