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Abercrombie Makes a Comeback

Let me start by saying, this blog post is not sponsored by Abercrombie BUT HI I WISH IT WAS! lol!

I graduated from high school in 2010, I was private schooled and we could wear like solid color sweaters over our uniforms, plus whatever you came to school in. Gosh I wish I could find a picture of me in my uniform skirt + polo with ugg boots and an abercrombie/hollister sweater.

Back then, the bigger the moose, the cooler you were. Let's just take a moment of silence for the GIANT moose logo. RIP moose, RIP.

I remember last summer I got this SUPER cute dress from Abercrombie while I was pregnant and my hubs was like "ABERCROMBIE STILL MAKES CLOTHES?!" lol!


I'm HERE for the return of Abercrombie fashion! Here are a few of my fav outfits!

[hat | cardigan | bodysuit | jeans | booties]

[pullover | joggers | mug]

[waffle knit tee | velvet leggings | OTK boots]

[button down | henley | shorts]

[long sleeve | jeans | sneakers]

Also, don't let anyone tell you differently - Abercrombie makes THE best sherpas. They're double lined sherpa and just HIGH quality. 10/10 recommend.


[hat | sherpa zip | faux leather leggings | sneakers]

[jacket | jeans]

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