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5 ways to style a flannel

I love fall fashion. Like, in the summer I'm just hot and wanna be comfy so I sacrifice cuteness lol. In the fall, comfy and cute are like twins.

A flannel is a closet staple. This ONE article of clothing can help create countless looks without breaking the bank yano! I'm here for that! Especially if you can find it on sale!

Here are 5 easy ways to style a flannel!

#1 tie it around your waist with leggings

[can't link the top | flannel | leggings | sneakers]

I love this way with a cropped sweatshirt but you can have any top! It serves a dual purpose of hiding the booty and front but also makes a cute accessory and pulls the outfit together.

#2 as a shirt (I like a half tuck) with jeans & booties

[flannel | jeans | booties]

#3 add OTK or taller boots for a totally different look

[flannel | jeans | OTK boots]

#4 layer over a graphic tee

[graphics | flannel | jeans | boots]

#5 with a vest!

[vest | flannel | leggings | sneakers]

**important to note that pretty much any of these looks can have shoes swapped as well as jeans for leggings and vice versa and it'll still be hella cute!**

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