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5 time management tips

I weirdly pride myself on my time management skills. Like such a weird flex right?! But I guess I've learned this since high school. I worked most of my way through high school, competitively cheered, and took as many honors classes as I could (thank goodness I can do the Pythagorean theorem in my sleep...) so I just figured it out!

In college, same thing, I worked my way through working almost full time hours with a full course load plus some so I could finish in a timely manner with my education degree.

Fast forward to full time teaching and I had Leo, and I was building my business on the side.

We all have the same 24 hours in a day.. it's what we choose to do with them.

So basically, I had to sacrifice sleep. PSYCH!!!! I would never do that lol. I get 8 hours of sleep because I'm a shitty human if I don't.

Here are some of my tips ;)


I know this sounds CRAZY right?! But multi tasking is SO BAD for your brain, productivity, etc. Someone told me she cringes so hard when she hears this in an interview as a strength. She thinks to herself "great you're good at doing a half ass job and looking really busy." But that's 100% true!!

I always give this example - mom cleaning. Have you ever looked around your house, maybe you're getting ready for a party and you're like WHAT THE ACTUAL F. so you start wiping down the counters, and think oh man when's the last time I cleaned a bathroom, go in there start cleaning. You notice the towels, you're like shit I gotta get a load of towels going. But you walk by the kids playroom and about shit yourself from their mess. So you work on that.

30 min later... you are spent. And yet, you have very little to show for it. Your kitchen isn't clean, you didn't finish laundry or pick up anything really.

INSTEAD, do one task START TO FINISH before moving on. Maybe it's clean ONE ROOM of the house, or it's vacuum the whole level, or it's answer all your emails, whatever it may be, NO MULTITASKING.


Ok so guys can't do this game, sorry if you're a guy. Only women because guys suck at this. When things are like in the microwave or you're brewing a cup of coffee, see how much you can get done of like anything. I make it a game. Against myself. Like how much of the dishwasher can I get unloaded while I reheat my coffee.

When you're ready to level up, see how much you can get done while your husband takes a shit. I mean damn you could watch titanic, do 4 loads of laundry, mow the lawn...

It's super rewarding in the most weird way... trust me lol if you do this already then... you already know lol.


This one seems SO DUMB I totally get it. But yet, I find myself skipping it CONSTANTLY and I get WAY less done when I'm not paying attention to a list. With a list, there's no wasted time or brain power to think of WHAT you should be doing, and then deciding where to start. You just GO.

When I have a list, I'll decide if I want to knock out a bunch of the easy stuff, or tackle bigger things. All that stuff depends on the day and the kids and my attitude lol but a list is a MUST.


Ok so you have morning, midday, and evening. When are you the MOST energetic, the most productive. Like overall. For me, it'll NEVER be the morning. I'm just never going to be a morning person. I can train myself to get up with a non shitty attitude, but I'm still not going to hit the ground running. And I've learned to accept that and ENJOY MY LIFE despite that. So NO I don't get up early to slay. But maybe you THRIVE first thing in the morning... keep that in mind.

For me, it's midday lol. I'm a solid 10am to 3pm kind of girl. So I use that as the time I get most of my things done. Second would be evening. So if I HAVE to get things done, I'll use the evening but I don't push the mornings unless it's like a have to with an appointment or something.

So identify your order and prioritize your day with tasks that way. Like I said, some things are unavoidable like if someone else schedules you a meeting first thing in the morning, but for things YOU can control, control accordingly!

BONUS! moms... it is not your job to play with your kids. it's your kids job to PLAY. you are not the entertainment committee so don't feel BAD about doing what YOU need to do too.

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