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5 favorite workout leggings brands.

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

I talked about in my post on motivation [linked here] about how having workout clothes you ENJOY wearing, can make a big difference in your attitude around your workout.

I'm not saying it's fool proof but it sure doesn't hurt ;)

Here are my fav 5 places to get workout LEGGINGS

Lululemon. Yes, they are a splurge. Yes, they are worth it. I'm not saying EVERY pair of leggings you have need to be lulu, but man oh man if you think about price per wear (the cost of the item divided by how often you wear it) you will get your money's worth for sure. My fav of theirs are aligns (especially pregnant) & wunder unders.

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Stronger. I'm new to this brand and WOW. I absolutely LOVE their prints and the material. They are like a second skin. Super smooth, the band is amazing, and I love their stripe branding. They're super unique and QUALITY. (I do find they run a little small so I size up one) FITRACHEL20 will save you 20% sitewide.

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Fabletics. Their POWERHOLD are incredible. The high waistedness (that's a word now) of them are next level. They're almost double lined. The pressure (in a good way) of these suck everything in, and post csection for me, added the perfect amount of pressure to my abdomen. They're compressiony (also a word now) with comfort.

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Amazon. I know that's vague LOL. but specifically three brands ON amazon make AMAZING athletic leggings. 90 degree's are fabulous, however, I wear an xxs in leggings and they don't make that size so I don't personally wear them but only for that reason. The quality is amazing. Another great one is colorfulkoala. They're almost like a mix between wunder unders and aligns from lululemon if you have those. The prints are super fun, soft yet give good compression. Lastly on Amazon, CRZYoga is basically just an overall dupe of lululemon (tanks, tees, jackets, you name it.) Highly recommend!! Especially if you are like me and need a xxs in leggings.

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Nordstrom. Obviously again, vague and broad but specifically they carry Zella leggings. Affordable, compressiony, I'd say the least comfy out of all of the ones listed for me, the high waist band doesn't go as high as this mama would like, but LOVE the pockets, the length, they check the boxes for sure.

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