I'm a big fan of Tropical Smoothie Cafe. But I'm not a big fan of their prices.  $6 for a smoothie, while convienent, is STEEP! I LOVE their Detox Island Green because there is no sugar added, and it's a filled with greens, and most importantly, YUMMY. 

But then, I was looking at the ingredients and I was like... I can make that for a FRACTION of the price... and at home. 

And in fact, I used to make it all the time! 


what you need




fresh ginger

lemon juice

frozen fruit


combine all ingredients in a blender. You don't really need to measure them out. I do a handful of kale & spinach, 4ish slices of cucumber, and a SMALL chunk of ginger. A little goes SO FAR lol! and then 6ish pieces of fruit. 

I prefer lighter colored fruit so my smoothie doesn't come out looking like sludge! I use pineapple, mango, and peaches. But you can use anything. 

blend until smooth & enjoy! 

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