Cleaner Starbucks Drinks

Starbucks drinks are typically HIGH in sugar, carbs, and artificial bleh that honestly can be subbed out or reduced without sacrificing flavor! But if you don't know how or what to order it can be overwhelming! Most of them can't be ordered "reduced cal" and get the same result. So I have a few BOMB ASS RECIPES. 

pro tip :: order on the app to avoid being that extra basic girl at the counter! LOL even though the baristas are NOTHING but friendly about it! 

Pumpkin spice latte

I typical PSL has almost 400 calories + 14g of fat + 52 carbs #nobueno

this is also about $2 cheaper too! #yesplease

how to order:

-grande pikes place (brewed coffee)

-2 pumps sugar free cinnamon dolce (you could also do SF vanilla)

-2 pumps pumpkin sauce

-splash of almond milk

-cinnamon on top

*I skipped the pumpkin spice topping because it's 50 cents extra *eye roll*


pink drink

again the Pink Drink is a super delicious option (especially for you non-coffee drinkers) but it's SO HIGH in carbs. 

this version is NOT and literally tastes the same if not better! and this has NO CAFFEINE

how to order: 

-venti iced passion tango tea

-light ice (gets you way more drink for you $) 

-no sugar

-2 stevia

-light amount of coconut milk

-strawberry infusion (they run out of this often so if they're out do 3 pumps raspberry syrup)


cut the calories by a third, carbs by a fourth, and peace out to most of the sugar!

how to order:

-venti cold brew

-one pump caramel syrup

-four pumps sugar free vanilla syrup

-LIGHT cream

-LIGHT caramel drizzel

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